duplexer with separate inputs and a combined output

1800MHz duplexer for up to 3W (sysmoDX3W-18)

The sysmoDX3W-18 is a small form-factor duplexer for 1800 MHz.  It is used to connect a BTS with separate Rx input / Tx output to a single antenna.

The duplexer provides three SMA sockets for input / output / antenna and has 50 Ohms impedance throughout.

Technical data:

  • Rx band: 1805-1880 MHz
  • Tx band: 1710-1785 MHz
  • Insertion loss at center frequency: 3.0 dB max.
  • Ripple in bandwidth: 2.0 dB max
  • Return loss in BW: 13.0 dB min
  • Attenuation Tx: 48 dB min (for Rx band)
  • Attenuation Rx: 48 dB min (for Tx band)
202.30 € (inc. VAT)
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