Motorola T191 USB serial cable (PL2303)

Motorola T191 USB serial cable (PL2303)

This is a "Motorola T191" cable, including a PL2303 based USB-Serial converter.

This cable can be used for establishing a connection between your PC and the UART in OsmocomBB-compatible phone.  It exposes the GND, RxD and TxD pins of the PL2303 on a 2.5mm stereo plug.  The pinout is described at the OsmocomBB wiki

It can also be used for accessing the UART of other Osmocom project hardware like SIMtrace, osmo-nvs-gps.

This cable does not support non-standard baud-rates, it thus cannot be used for burst_ind branch.

Please see the CP2102-25 cable for a better alternative.

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