Osmocom u-blox LEA-6T GPS timing board

Osmocom u-blox LEA-6T GPS timing board

This is the Osmocom u-box LEA-6T GPS timing module evaluation board.

Using this board, you can not only generate the usual 1-PPS signal, but also generate a gps-disciplined, software-configurable clock signal between 0.25Hz and 10 MHz.

The UART of the LEA-6T module is accessibly through an osmocom-style 2.5mm 3.3V serial jack, compatible with the cables we sell separately.  You can also directly connect your computer to the USB device port (mini-B jack), where the LEA-6T enumerates as a USB serial device. Furthermore, many other signals (SPI, GPIO, ...) of the LEA-6T are exposed on a 2x6pin header (2.54mm pitch).

The GPS antenna is attached via a SMA or U.FL connector.  You need to obtain a GPS antenna separately.

The Timepulse output is available on a SMA or U.FL connector, as well as on the abovementioned 2x6pin header.

This product is fully assembled. You only need to attach the antenna and your computer. An optional CR-2032 battery for RTC backup is not included.

More information on this board, including full schematics can be found at http://openbsc.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/osmo-lea6t-gps

As we do not declare conformity with applicable harmonized EU norms (CE compliance), this product is only available to customers outside the European Union.  Any orders from within the EU will be cancelled immediately. Dieses Produkt ist ausschließlich für Kunden ausserhalb der EU erhältlich, da sysmocom keine CE-Konformität des Produkts deklariert, und das Produkt demnach nicht den Bestimmungen des FTEG bzw. EMVG entspricht.

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