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1090 MHz cavity filter for Mode-S / ADS-B

1090 MHz cavity filter for Mode-S / ADS-B

This is a cavity filter for 1090 MHz Mode-S / ADS-B.

You can use it to attenuate any out-of-band interference while receiving ADS-B / Mode-S. It will attenuate any transmissions from the nearby 900 MHz GSM band by 80 dB.

Both connectors are SMA (female). 

It can support up to 30W of RF power and has the following characteristics:

1090 MHz ADS-B Cavity Filter
Pass Band 1086 - 1094 MHz
Insertion Loss <= 1.0 dB
Passband Ripple 0.2 dB
Rejection 80 dB @ 921-960 MHz (GSM 900)
VSWR <= 1.20
Impedance 50 Ohms
Power 30 W average RF power (max)
Temperature -10 to 50 Centigrade
Dimensions 54x54x45 mm
Weight 550 g
41.65 € (inc. VAT)
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