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Welcome to the new sysmocom webshop
Osmocom u-blox LEA-6T GPS timing board
This is the Osmocom u-box LEA-6T GPS timing module evaluation board.Using this board, you can not only generate the usual 1-PPS signal, but also generate a gps-disciplined, software-configurable clock signal between 0.25Hz and 10 MHz.The UART of the LEA-6T module is accessibly through an osmocom-style 2.5mm 3.3V serial jack, compatible with the cables we sell separately.  You can also directly connect your computer to the USB device port (mini-B jack), where the LEA-6T enumerates as a USB serial device. Furthermore, many other signals (SPI, GPIO, ...) of the LEA-6T are exposed on a 2x6pin header (2.54mm pitch).The GPS antenna is attached via a SMA or U.FL connector.  You need to obtain a GPS antenna separately.The Timepulse output is available on a SMA or U.FL connector, as well as on the abovementioned 2x6pin header.This product is fully assembled. You only need to attach the antenna and your computer. An optional CR-2032 battery for RTC backup is not included.More information on this board, including full schematics can be found at http://openbsc.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/osmo-lea6t-gps

u-blox Fastrax UC-530M GPS/GNSS module with chip antenna
Special Offer - while stocks last.The ublox UC530M is a low power module with a Multi‑GNSS engine for combined GPS, GLONASS and QZSS reception and integrated antenna.It is using a easy to solder LCA package and simple to connect serial interface.The voltage range from 3.0-4.3V makes it ideal for use in lithium battery powered devices.Further features include: autonomous A-GPS, data logging facilities, Anti-jamming and timepulse output.For further technical details please reference the manufacturer website ublox UC530M and the datasheet.Only 9.6 x 14 x 1.95 mm. Eagle library element available for customers (on request).Special Offer - while stocks last.