We ship only once per week (see FAQ)!
welcome to the sysmocom webshop!
Only UPS shipping available
welcome to the sysmocom webshop

Payment / Shipping


We offer payment via the payment processors/systems PayPal and stripe. The exact payment methods available differ based on your country of residence.  You will see the specific payment options available during the checkout process.  Typically at least PayPal and Credit Card (via stripe) are available, with country-specific additional options where applicable.


As noted in our FAQ, the sysmocom webshop is not the main business of sysmocom, and we operate it with minimal staff. This means shipping happens only once per week, typically each Tuesday.
We currently only offer global shipping via UPS.  You will see which of the specific services (UPS Standard, UPS Expedited, UPS Express Saver) are available for your specific destination during the checkout process. 
The rates stated in the checkout process are based on a real-time inquiry with shipping cost pricing APIs based on your entered shipping address and the weight/volume of the items in your shopping basket.  There is no way for sysmocom to offer any alternative/reduced rates; those rates stated in the checkout process are the best we as a small company can obtain.

Long Version / History of sysmocom webshop shipping

We always tried to offer the lowest cost shipping options to our customer base all around the world.  Traditionally, during the first decade of sysmocom until 06/2022, this has been in the form of registered letters or parcels distributed via the global postal system. While this option of shipment was very slow, the carrier was liable for damage/loss of goods, and due to the signature of the recipient it was safe for us to prove delivery in case of disputes.
Unfortunately, from 07/2022, Deutsche Post (the German postal operator) discontinued any options for international shipments of small goods.  The other operators (even the official successor product Warenpost International at DHL) does not offer any liability for loss/damage, nor the signature of the recipient.
So with Deutsche Post / DHL discontinuing any liability for loss/damage, and with  indenepdent transport/logistics insurance policies not covering postal shipments, there is no way for us to continue to offer related services without substantial risk.
Furthermore, in the absence of a recipient signature, we would not be able to prove delivery.  This in turn means payment providers would always decide any dispute in favor of the customer, creating substantial additional risk
As a result, much to our regret, from July 1st, 2022 there is no other option for us but to use the comparatively expensive express services like UPS.