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Legacy TDM (E1/T1) interface related products
Osmocom icE1usb - E1 interface for USB
The icE1usb is ab E1 adapter with a USB interface. It can be used to attach to circuit-switched primary-rate E1 circuits used in traditional/legacy telecom environments.Today, E1 circuits can primarily be found in the context of cellular networks; whether to carry A-bis back-haul, Gb over Frame Relay, A over TDM interfaces or any classic circuit SS7 signaling.Those few other E1 adapters available on the market are typically PCI / PCIe cards, which constrains their usage to larger servers with the appropriate slots. Contrary to that, icE1usb connects via USB to the computer, allowing for use cases likeE1 attached to a Laptop computerE1 attached to embedded Single Board Computers like for example Beagleboard, Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC or any other platform with a USB host controller.The icE1usb has two physical E1 ports.  However, the use of two simultaneous ports is border-line of what full-speed USB can physically do, and it only works in very specific constellations with very specific host controllers, software, etc.  So in general, we now advertise it as a single-port device.  If you can make the second port work for you: Great.  If not: You have been warned!Open Source Hardware The icE1usb is 100% Open Source Hardware (OSHW). This includesmechanical cad filesschematics, circuit board layout, bill of materialsVerilog/HDL sources for the gatewareC source code for the firmware running on the PicoRV32 softcore in the FPGAC source code for the (Linux) drivers on the host computerFurther Informationproduct pagedata sheetuser manualschematics in pdf formatwiki / bug trackerhardware/gateware/firmwareosmo-e1d host softwarePacking ListicE1usb USB E1 interfaceUSB-C to USB-A cableNOTE: There is no GPS antenna included; any standard active GPS Antenna with male SMA connector and 3.3V bias voltage should work. sysmocom offers one here.Community DiscountsDiscounts available for the open source developer and hobbyist community.

RJ45 Jumper Box kit
Did you ever face a situation where you had to crimp a RJ45 cable in a weird configuration? Something like serial console cables between different vendors? or an E1/T1 cross-over cable, using different pin-out than the common Ethernet cables?In this case, the Osmocom RJ45 Jumper Box is the right kind of product. It allows you to quickly configure any wiring between its two RJ45 connectors ad-hoc.For more information about this Open Source Hardware (OSHW) project, check out the related project page on the osmocom wiki, which also contains links to the design files.The kit consists ofRJ45 jumper box PCB assembly, fully assembled/soldered10 female-female jumper wires to use with the RJ45 jumper box headers

E1/T1 tap adapter
This product is END OF LIFE and will not be produced after stock depletes.The sysmocom E1/T1 tap adapter allows you to tap into the communication of an E1/T1 line.This is useful for tracing/analyzing communications on any type of E1 based interface, such as A-bis, A and core network interfaces in GSM networks, as well as classic ISDN networks.Two RJ-45 ports are used for passing through your existing E1 line.  Using a switch, the pass-through can be configured in straight or cross-over mode.Two additional RJ-45 sockets are provided for tapping into either of the two pairs (Rx/Tx) of the E1 line.An additional switch can be used to select between high and low impedance tapping.All ports are configured in Digium-compatible pin-out, i,e, pairs 1+2 / 4+5Schematics available from https://osmocom.org/projects/e1-tap/wiki