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RJ45 Jumper Box kit


Product number: rj45-jp-kit
Product information "RJ45 Jumper Box kit"
Did you ever face a situation where you had to crimp a RJ45 cable in a weird configuration? Something like serial console cables between different vendors? or an E1/T1 cross-over cable, using different pin-out than the common Ethernet cables?
In this case, the Osmocom RJ45 Jumper Box is the right kind of product. It allows you to quickly configure any wiring between its two RJ45 connectors ad-hoc.
For more information about this Open Source Hardware (OSHW) project, check out the related project page on the osmocom wiki, which also contains links to the design files.
The kit consists of
  • RJ45 jumper box PCB assembly, fully assembled/soldered
  • 10 female-female jumper wires to use with the RJ45 jumper box headers

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