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Fernvale MT6260 [Reverse] Engineering Development Kit DVT2
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Fernvale MT6260 [Reverse] Engineering Development Kit DVT2

This is the Fernvale MT6260 [Reverse] Engieneering Development Kit DVT2, as described by the following external resources:

Basically you will get the DVT2 hardware version, consisting of:

  1. One Fernvale "Frond" mainboard
  2. One Fernvale "Spore" Analog Frontend board
  3. One Fernvale "Blade" Keypad/Expansion/Breakout board
  4. One Camera-to-JTAG FPC adapter cable (soldering of ARM-20-JTAG header required)
  5. One matching LCD display with touch sensor
  6. mounting accessories/screws/nuts to assemble the full stack

Please keep in mind that this is an early access DVT2 version, and that absolutely no software or documentation is included.  This part is for embedded hardware and system-level software [reverse] engineers who know what they're doing.

sysmocom cannot provide any level of support for this product.  You are on your own based on hardware, schematics, the fernly/nuttx source code and the project forum. Yo have been warned!

To avoid confusion: OsmocomBB has not been ported to the MT6260, but you are welcome to volunteer!

Happy hacking!

70.00 € (inc. VAT)
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