GNS5892 breakout board kit
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GNS5892 breakout board kit

The GNS5892 breakout board is a reciever for 1090MHz ADS-B / Mode-S 'virtual radar' signals. It is paired with a Silabs cp2103 USB-UART to make it easy to connect to any USB host computer.

The RF connector has the following component placement options

  • u-fl/ipex (default, included and soldered)
  • SMA through-hole (optional, included)
  • SMA edge-launch (optional, not included)

The GNS5892 breakout kit is delivered as a PCB assembly (circuit board with all SMT electronics compontnes placed) and a seperate through-hole vertical SMA socket. If you want to use the SMA antenna input, you need to solder this connector.

GNS5892 Datasheet can be downloaded as PDF



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