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SFP experimenter board v2 kit
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SFP experimenter board v2 kit

The Osmocom SFP experimenter board a small circuit board for experiments with (usually fiber optical) transceivers in SFP form factor.

You can use it for e.g.

  1. transmitting your own signals / waveforms (not restricted to Ethernet or CPRI) over fiber optics. This is e.g. useful if you need galvanic isolation between digital circuits, or need long-distance transmission
  2. attach some I2C adapter to the I2C pins of the SFP module in order to re-program it
  3. The SFP transceivers exhibit a symmetric/differencial interface for Rx and Tx. The sfp-experimenter board contains an on-board differential transmitter and receiver so you can transmit/receive normal single-ended signals.

Project Homepage (includes links to schematics, design files, etc.):

This kit includes

  • Assembled sfp-experimenter board (PCB Assembly) like visible on the product pictures
  • 2x edge-launch SMA connectors which you still need to solder (very basic soldering skills required)

No actual SFP transceiver module is included. You should be able to use any module compatible with the SFP Multi-Source Agreement.

NOTE: If you're interested in transmitting differential signals, please see the sfp-breakout board instead. It's like the SFP experimenter board, but contains no differential transmitter + receivers.

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