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900 MHz E-GSM / UMTS / LTE Band 8 duplexer 40W outdoor/IP67


Product number: dx900-kt40-ip67
Product information "900 MHz E-GSM / UMTS / LTE Band 8 duplexer 40W outdoor/IP67"

Data Sheet

This is a cavity duplexer for 900 MHz E-GSM / UMTS / LTE Band 8 operation. 

You can use it to operate a GSM BTS (like our sysmoBTS) or any other BTS/NodeB/eNodeB with separate Rx and Tx ports at a single antenna.

All connectors are N (female).

40 W E-GSM / Band 8 Duplexer (IP67)
Pass Band925 - 960 MHz880 - 915 MHz
Insertion Loss1.0 dB1.0 dB
Passband Ripple0.8 dB0.8 dB
Rejection60 dB @ 80-850 MHz
60 dB @ 1-3 GHz
60 dB @ 80-800 MHz
60dB @ 1-3 GHz
Return Lossminimum 20 dB
Impedance50 Ohms
Power40 W average RF power
Temperature-20 to 65 Centigrade
Dimensions246x76x51 mm
Weight1370 g
Order Codedx900-kt40-ip67

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