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HPE FlexibleLOM PCIEx8 adapter DIY kit


Product number: flexilom-pcie-kit
Product information "HPE FlexibleLOM PCIEx8 adapter DIY kit"

Tobias "TobleMiner" Schramm designed an open source hardware adapter to make use of HPE FlexibleLOM adapters in normal, standard PCIe x8 slots.

This is a parts kit consisting of the HPE-FlexibleLOM-adapter PCB and the matching PCIe x8 edge launch connector.

The parts kit still needs to be assembled (soldered).

This Kit uses the Rev A Design.

More details, including the full (open source hardware) design files of this project can be found at https://github.com/TobleMiner/HPE-FlexibleLOM-adapter

sysmocom is not involved in the design of this project. We merely make available the manufactured PCB and the matching connector to the interested hardware hacker/maker.

NOTE: The PCB edge is not chamfered, as JLC PCB doesn't seem to do this for PCBs of that size, see https://github.com/TobleMiner/HPE-FlexibleLOM-adapter/issues/1

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