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OpenMoko Neo Debug Board v3 kit


Product number: openmoko-debug-kit
Product information "OpenMoko Neo Debug Board v3 kit"

The OpenMoko Debug Board v3 was originally developed to assist development and debugging of the system-level sotware of the OpenMoko Neo1973 (GTA01) and FreeRunner (GTA02) phones.

Those phones were new and exciting in 2008/2009, but are of course only of historic relevance these days.

Nevertheless, the OpenMoko Debug Board v3 can be used as general-purpose ARM-JTAG adapter and USB-UART for 3.3V ARM targets.  It's supported by OpenOCD.

We recently received a batch of surplus units for free from kd85.com, one of the importers of Openmoko products into the European Union back then.  We are making those boards available at the symbolic price of 1 EUR.  You can also choose to pay a higher price if you'd like to contribute some funds towards the continued hosting costs of the Openmoko servers/archive.

The Kit contains:

  • a fully-assembled OpenMoko Debug Borad v3 PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)
  • a USB A to mni-B cable
  • a FPC cable to connect the debug board with an Openmoko GTA01/GTA02 phone
  • a Torx T6 screwdriver
  • a plectrum to open snapped plastics enclosures
  • some meal mounting accessories

You can find more information about the debug board, including a block diagram, schematics in PDF format and example OpenOCD configuration at http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Debug_Board_v3

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