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Procom CXL 2400-1/m marine WiFi antenna 2400-2600 MHz 0dBd / 2.2dBi Copy


Product number: Procom CXL 2400-1/m
Product information "Procom CXL 2400-1/m marine WiFi antenna 2400-2600 MHz 0dBd / 2.2dBi Copy"

    • The CXL 2400-1/… is a 0 dBd, vertically polarized, omnidirectional rod-type base station and marine antenna for the 2400 MHz band.
    • The 1” revolving nut mounting system is standard throughout the marine sector, and several different mounting brackets are available, making it possible to install the antenna either on the masthead using FLG or SMR 2, side-mounted on the mast (SMR 1) or mounted on a cross-beam (FLG). Also, the antenna can be mounted on deck or rooftop by means of the FLG.
    • The higher the antenna is mounted, the better coverage. Avoid mounting the antenna parallel to or in the neighbourhood of other metal parts, such as masts, supporting wires etc., otherwise the VSWR and the radiation pattern may be strongly influenced.
    • A conical glass fibre tube completely encloses the carefully designed radiating element to ensure long dependable service in all climates.

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