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osmo-bts-lna - 1800 MHz band uplink LNA kit


Product number: bts-lna-pcba-1800
Product information "osmo-bts-lna - 1800 MHz band uplink LNA kit"

The osmo-bts-lna board is a low noise amplifier intended for DCS uplink reception (MS->BTS). This is DCS1800 for GSM and band 3 for both UMTS and LTE.

The LNA features a 2-stage LNA formed by RF3865 (RFDM/Qorvo) and two EPCOS B3832 SAW.

The board consumes about 200mA @5V. It intregrates a MIC5219-5 LDO and should be supplied with 5.5-12V DC (7V nom.), either

  • by local connection (DC input), or
  • by 'phantom power' via DC biasing from the RF output.

The rf port is U.FL/IPEX by default and can be changed to sma by soldering sockets and moving a coupling capacitor.

The osmo-bts-lna is delivered as a kit consisting of:

* soldered pcb with all SMT components placed

* shielding cage + cover placed on PCBA

* U.FL/IPEX RF connectors placed

* 2x 2pin 2.54mm DC through-hole header + pigtail

ATTENTION: This is kit. Some soldering is required!

 schematics + layout PDF renderings in osmocom wiki

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