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Osmocom icE1usb - dual-port E1 interface for USB
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Osmocom icE1usb - dual-port E1 interface for USB

The icE1usb is a dual-port E1 adapter with a USB interface. It can be used to attach to circuit-switched primary-rate E1 circuits used in traditional/legacy telecom environments.

Today, E1 circuits can primarily be found in the context of cellular networks; whether to carry A-bis back-haul, Gb over Frame Relay, A over TDM interfaces or any classic circuit SS7 signaling.

Those few other E1 adapters available on the market are typically PCI / PCIe cards, which constrains their usage to larger servers with the appropriate slots. Contrary to that, icE1usb connects via USB to the computer, allowing for use cases like

  • E1 attached to a Laptop computer
  • E1 attached to embedded Single Board Computers like for example Beagleboard, Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC or any other platform with a USB host controller.

Open Source Hardware

 The icE1usb is 100% Open Source Hardware (OSHW). This includes

  • mechanical cad files
  • schematics, circuit board layout, bill of materials
  • Verilog/HDL sources for the gateware
  • C source code for the firmware running on the PicoRV32 softcore in the FPGA
  • C source code for the (Linux) drivers on the host computer

Further Information

Packing List

  • icE1usb USB E1 interface
  • USB-C to USB-A cable

NOTE: There is no GPS antenna included; any standard active GPS Antenna with male SMA connector and 3.3V bias voltage should work.

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