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Sysmocom USB serial cable (CP2102) with 2.5mm stereo jack


Product number: cp2102-25
Product information "Sysmocom USB serial cable (CP2102) with 2.5mm stereo jack"

This is a USB-Serial cable with a CP2102 based USB-Serial converter.  The cable exposes the UART at 3.3V CMOS levels on a 2.5mm stereo jack.

This cable is also known as Motorola T191 cable, or as Osmocom-style UART cable.

This cable can be used for establishing a connection between your PC and the UART in many devices, such as

  • OsmocomBB-compatible phone (OpenMoko, Motorola C1xx, ...)
  • SIMtrace debug UART
  • icE1usb debug UART (must be re-configured to 1000000 bps before!)
  • sysmoBTS 1002 serial console
  • many other projects in the Osmocom universe

This cable supports non-standard baud-rates, it thus can be used for burst_ind branch.  However, the CP2102 chip baud rate table needs to be reprogrammed before using such non-standard baud rates.  See for example

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