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miniPCIe WWAN Modem USB break-out board

miniPCIe WWAN Modem USB break-out board

This is a small break-out board for miniPCIe (mPCIe) type cellular / WWAN modems.

It allows you to insert a mPCIe modem from any vendor, and it will provide you with:

  • mini USB socket for connection to a USB Host (like your PC/Laptop or Embedded System)
  • 5V DC input for power supply (USB supply usually insufficient for a modem)
  • all unused mPCIe pins on a 2.54mm break-out header
  • SIM card slot for a 2FF-sized SIM, USIM or RUIM card

Particularly the break-out header is useful to get access to various signals exported in a non-standard fashion by some modem models, such as digital audio PCM.

The product does not include a 5V DC power supply nor a USB mini-B cable or a mPCIe modem. It is just the fully assembled PCBA as shown on the picture.

You can find more information about this open hardware project at

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