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4-channel RF Digital Step Attenuator (0..62dB)


Product number: rfdsatt-4-62-bgt
Product information "4-channel RF Digital Step Attenuator (0..62dB)"

The sysmoRFDSATT family is a product family of digitally controlled / programmable RF step attenuators. The initial product within this family is the sysmoRFDSATT-4-62 with:

  • 4 independent RF channels

  • 0 .. 62 dB nominal attenuation per channel.

This kind of device can be very useful in any kind of laboratory or test setup where RF signal strength must be adjusted programmatically. A classic use case is e.g. the testing of power-based hand-over within lab setups of cellular radio network, such as GSM BTS, UMTS NodeB, LTE eNodeB or 5G gNodeB.


The sysmoRFDSATT-4-62 is available in three variants:

  • PCBA only, for integration into custom projects

  • 3U Component Carrier

  • Desktop Enclosure

Software Integration

The full firmware stack, from boot loader up to the application firmware is Open Source Software. This means any user can be modified to accommodate any specific requirements.

For example, the following modifications are easily possible:

  • support of the SCPI protocol for integration into existing lab software solutions

  • support of any application-specific control protocol

  • support of autonomous execution of entire scenarios, like ramping attenuation with certain slope

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