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SIMtrace2 Hardware Kit
  • Simtracev2
  • Usbmini

SIMtrace2 Hardware Kit

NOTE: this is the new SIMtrace2 product, which uses a new SAM3S microcontroller, compared to the old SIMtrace1 with SAM7S. You will need to use different firmware and host software. For more information see


The Osmocom SIMtrace2 hardware enables you to capture and monitor communication between a mobile phone and its SIM or USIM card.

The SIMtrace2 Hardware Kit consists of the following parts:

  • the SIMtrace Device itself
  • a USB A to mini-B cable
  • a set of four flexible PCB SIM adapters for 2FF SIM card size, one in each orientation

The flexible PCB adapter cables for 3FF (micro) and 4FF (nano) SIM card slots are NOT included in the kit.  If you require it, please order them as separate items.

Full schematics, gerber files, firmware source code and host PC software source code can be found at and .

Please note that sysmocom is merely offering the fully assembled/tested/manufactured SIMtrace hardware to you.  The software is a community-driven Open Soruce project, and at the low cost of this item, we cannot provide you with free software support or any type of warranty on software functionality.

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